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Bored At School

Students Who Are Bored!
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About The Community

bored_at_school is a brand new community on LiveJournal! It is a place for students, no matter how old or young, to join. The catch is -- you have to be at school when posting. You're allowed to post anything here from classwork help to other websites that may help other students, like yourself, pass the time.


The only basic rule here is to be courteous to your fellow livejournalers. Remember to post long entries or pictures under an lj-cut. If the content of your entry is not safe for kids to be looking at at school for whatever reason, please put it under an lj-cut as well and warn people. Of course, remember to have fun while you're here!


Since this community is just starting out, the more members we get, the funner the community will get as well. Please promote to all your friends and anywhere else you see fit. Currently we only have a few promotional banners. If you would like to make one for the community, please feel free to do so and post it here.
To promote, simply copy the URL of the photo and paste it into an livejournal entry, your userinfo, etc. If you have any questions or need assisstance with anything, please feel free to ask.

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